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Who is Ana Lete?


Based in Boise, ID, Ana Lete is a band to watch out for, according to the Revue. Singer/songwriter, Ana Lete, creates jazz-inspired indie folk music that is authentic, emotive, and surreal. In her songs, Lete isn't afraid to sing her truths and push the musical envelope.




Ana Lete live at the Olympic

Ana Lete Live in Seattle, WA

Featuring Kevin Buster on Alto Sax & Jason Shao on bass.



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The Revue

"Her music is unexpected – experimental folk that is soaked in the provocative iciness of Iceland. There is a bit of Björk but it shares striking similarities to Washington state artist Briana Marela. From her debut album, Psychic Translation, her single “Aspens” is surprisingly stunning and intimate, something you would expect to hear from a veteran artist. Watch out for this band." - Ben Yung, the Revue

Treefort 2018: Ana Lete Serenades Crowd at Olympic

Local indie-folk artist Ana Lete kicked off The Olympic's Treefort lineup on March 21 with a soothing but quietly ominous set. Her wistful tunes, rippling guitar and subdued, plaintive vocals got support from Gavin Peterson's steady drums and Ashton Jenicek's atmospheric synthesizer. - Ben Shultz, Boise Weekly

Northwest Music Scene

"Boundary-pushing singer-songwriter, Ana Lete, wooed those in attendance at the District Coffee House with her heartfelt and intimate indie folk and enchanting vocals."
- Jess Casebeer, Northwest Music Scene


- Jake Lutz, BUMP Magazine

- Jake Lutz, BUMP Magazine

Studio Releases

Eternal Hibernation

Full-length record coming soon.

psychic Translation ep

Upcoming shows

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past shows

5/13/19: High Note Cafe with Forest Beutel (Tacoma, WA), Boise, ID

5/03/19: SoFar Sounds with Messimer, Nick & Luke, Boise, ID

3/21/19: Treefort Music Fest 2019

10/11/18: The Olympic with Esme Patterson (CO) & With Child (Boise), Boise, ID

9/13/18: Funky Taco with Bryan John Appleby (Seattle) & Tomten (Seattle), Boise, ID

8/03/18: Twin Beans Coffee Company, Twin Falls, ID

7/21/18: Funky Taco with Kylland (Bay area), Boise, ID

7/21/18: Meridian Farmer's Market , Meridian, ID

7/16/18: The Shredder with Hate Drugs (California) & Ritt Momney (SLC, Utah)

6/30/18: Cascadia Brewing Company & Homebrew with Irene Bowen, Anomie, & Fuzzy Math, Olympia, WA

6/16/18: Boise Hive with Lost Acorns & D'funked, Boise, ID

6/02/18: Neurolux with Temple Canyon (Seattle), Boise, ID

6/01/18: The Olympic with Marion Walker, Boise, ID

5/28/18: High Note Cafe with Forest Beutel (Tacoma, WA) , Boise, ID

5/06/18: Tom Grainey's with The Cabin Project & Abagail, Boise, ID

5/04/18: The Olympic Venue with The Moondoggies (Everett, WA), Boise, ID

4/28/18: Armando's Gallery House, Redding, CA

4/26/18: Bar Fluxus, San Francisco, CA

4/25/18: Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA

4/24/18: Rise Coffeehouse, Medford, OR

4/23/18: KAOS, Olympia, WA

4/22/18: The Waypost, Portland, OR

4/21/18: Mabel Valley, Seattle, WA

4/20/18: The Cinderbox, Seattle, WA

4/19/18: The New Frontier Lounge, Tacoma, WA

4/18/18: Central Saloon, Seattle, WA

4/17/18: Hi-Fidelity Lounge, Bremerton, WA

4/16/18: The Charleston, Bremerton, WA

4/15/18: Nicoletta's Table, Lake Oswego, OR

4/14/18: Knockout Taco, Portland, OR

4/13/18: The Brickhouse with Astrotan, Vancouver, WA

3/30/18: High Note Cafe, Boise, ID

3/21/18-3/25/18: Treefort Music Fest, Boise, ID

2/17/18: Garden City Projects with Arlo Indigo (portland, OR), Boise, ID

2/03/18: The Olympic, Boise, ID

1/20/18: Garden City Projects with Johnny Boy and No Magic, Boise, ID

1/20/18: Boise Hive Hootenanny, Boise, ID

1/16/18: Acoustic House Show at Rob Lanterman's House, Boise, ID

12/15-12/17: Smash Fest House Fest, Seattle, WA

12/02/17: The High Note Cafe with Luke Messimer, Boise, ID

11/03/17: The District with Jacob Metcalf, Boise, ID

11/02/17: Tom Petty Tribute Show, the Record Exchange, Boise, ID

10/28/17: The Boise Hive, Boise, ID

10/19/17: The Shredder with Hungry Skinny, Groggy Bikini, Mantooth, and more! Boise, ID

10/14/17: The Cauldron, Seattle, WA

10/13/17: June Magnolia Vinyl Release Show with Jazz Boyfriends at The Waypost, Portland, OR

10/07/17: The Olympic with Lemolo (Seattle, WA) and The Slow (Nampa, ID) Boise, ID

9/29/17: High Note Cafe w/ Christina LaRocca, Bluzer, and MEDIC, Boise, ID

9/19/17: House Show at ByrdHouse with Dwight Smith, Tispur, and Queen Boychild, Boise, ID

9/16/17: Feastival 2017 with LCD Sound System, Acid Genie, Pixie & the Partygrass Boys, and more! @ Idaho Basecamp

9/8/17: Crescent Brewery, Nampa, ID

9/7/17: The Olympic w/ WILSEN (NYC), Boise, ID

8/26/17: Ming Studios w/ Thomas Paul, Boise, ID

7/22/17: Trillium Cafe w/ Lee and the Bees, Hood River, OR

7/21/17: House Show with Lee and the Bees and Friends, Portland, OR

7/20/17: Bailey's Corner Store w/ Lee and the Bees, Whidbey Island

7/19/17: Hi-Fi Lounge w/ Lee and the Bees and Lala Rae, Bremerton, WA

7/18/17: Chris' house w/ Lee and the Bees, Drea Marilyn, and more, Seattle, WA

7/17/17: The Matador House w/ Lee and the Bees and Everlynx, Vancouver, BC

7/16/17: Kulshan Brewing with the Sky Colony, Bellingham, WA

7/15/17: Candy Mountain House show with High Pulp, Chanel Beads, and Qry, Seattle, WA

7/14/17: Ana Lete @ Substation with Alina Ashley Nicole, Seattle, WA

7/13/17: Under the Fig Trees Backyard show, Portland, OR

7/12/17: Ana Lete @ Analog Cafe with Jeff Hayes, Titans of Industry, and Phantom Kids Portland, OR

7/08/17: Ana Lete All-ages Tour Kickoff House Show @ The Neighborhood Noise with Will DeNoble, Boise, ID

7/07/17: Ana Lete Tour Kickoff Show @ The Olympic with Teenage Candy and Hollow Sidewalks (Portland), Boise, ID

6/16/17: Crescent Brewery, Nampa, ID

6/03/17: Twin Beans, Twin Falls, ID with Emilee Gomske

5/27/17: Boise Hive, Boise, ID

5/26/17: The Olympic with The Ambulanters (NE), Dweller at the Well, and Tag Along Friend, Boise, ID

5/22/17: The Neighborhood Noise House with Lindzey Autumn, Irie, Freudian Slip, & The Corner Girls (CO), Boise, ID

5/20/17: Even Stevens, Boise, ID

4/28/17: The College of Idaho (w/ David Losinski and Irvin Brown), Caldwell, ID

4/18/17: The Shredder (with Marquina, Extended Skin Contact, and Teton) Boise, ID

4/16/17: Android House, Caldwell, ID

4/08/17: Turn Turn Turn (with Lorain, Denim Wedding, and Finger Painting), Portland, OR

4/07/17: Nairport House, Seatac, WA

3/24/2017: Treefort Music Fest, Boise, ID

1/30/2017: The High Note Cafe (with Luci Kolada), Boise, ID

1/14/2017: The Olympic (with Teenage Candy, Dweller at the Well, and The Cardboard Swords), Boise, ID

11/26/2016: Small Business Saturday @ the Record Exchange, Boise, ID

11/08/16: Neurolux with Cult Bride and Hypoluxo (NYC), Boise, ID

10/28/16: Even Steven's Sandwich Shop, Boise, ID

10/12/16: Flying M (with the Lulls and the Go Rounds) Nampa, ID

9/24/16: Neurolux (with Emily Jane White and Soma) Boise, ID

8/16/16: The Matador (with Wallgrin, Sky Brown, and St. Terrible) Vancouver, BC

8/13/16: Substation (with St. Terrible and Barring the Weather) Seattle, WA

8/12/16: Heretic House (with St. Terrible) Portland, OR

8/11/16: The Olympic (with St. Terrible) Boise, ID

6/24/16: Castle House Show (with Russian Drama, Face, and Miss Emma) Nampa, ID

6/23/16: The Olympic (with Brass Bed and Nothing But Heros) Boise, ID

6/16/16: Leaf Teahouse (solo show), Boise, ID

6/04/2016: The Bird Stop (solo show), Caldwell, ID

5/14/2016: Bird Stop Reopening Block Party (with Russian Drama, Overcast, Atlas Novus, Dweller at the Well, and Marshall Poole), Caldwell, ID

5/13/2016: The Final Breakdown at The College of Idaho, Caldwell, ID

04/27/2016: Music Major House Caldwell, ID

3/23/16-3/2816: Treefort Music Fest, Boise, ID

03/08/2016: Neurolux, (with Well Milked Oranges & Evergreen Machine), Boise, ID

01/02/2016: Music Major House, (Idaho Green, HiHazel, Corey G., Ana Lete) Caldwell, ID

12/08/2015: The Neurolux (with Grand Lake Islands and Matthew Hartz) Boise, ID

10/27/2015: Music Major House (with Braeyden Jae. & Nathaniel Kennon Perkins) Caldwell, ID

9/12/2015: Artistblue Gallery, Nampa, ID.

8/22/2015: The Bird Stop. Caldwell, ID.

8/01/2015: Flying M Coffee Garage (with Mandarin Dynasty & Hoop) Nampa, ID

7/19/2015: Music Major House, Caldwell, ID.



Watch out for this band.
— The Revue

Lete’s journey began in January 2015, when her guitar instructor passed away unexpectedly. Hit with a deep wave of grief, Lete had no choice but to begin songwriting to heal her pain.

But as the year continued, she found songwriting useful in capturing other aspects of her life too – from breakups to loss of friendship to memorable moments in time with friends.

By combining captivating lyrics, jazz-inspired vocals, and 2.5 years of classical guitar training, Lete developed an experimental neo-indie folk sound that the Revue has described as “something you would expect to see from a veteran artist." Northwest Music Scene has commented that she is “Boundary-pushing” and “woos audiences with her heartfelt and enchanting vocals.” Those who do attend Lete’s shows often find themselves emotional and teary-eyed during her sets.

In September 2016, Ana Lete released her first EP, Psychic Translation, which she recorded at The College of Idaho. Now, Lete is preparing to release her follow up full-length album, Eternal Hibernation, in 2020.

When she’s not playing shows, recording, or touring around the Northwest, Ana enjoys feeding her coffee and vinyl addictions, visiting her Basque grandparents, petting dogs, and partaking in deep conversations with friends.

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