Aspens Featured on Amazing Radio based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

On Wednesday morning, I woke up and checked Spotify to see that someone based in the UK had been listening to Aspens. Due to my curiosity, I googled, "Ana Lete/UK/Aspens" and a gem of a radio show that I forgot that I had submitted Aspens to a few months prior popped up.

Amazing Radio is a radio show based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. It's founder, Paul Campbell, is a media entrepreneur who used to make Radio & TV shows for BBC and also is a musician. Amazing Radio is build on a small group of people who are passionate about finding quality acts and the next best artists. 

Since being featured on Amazing Radio by DJ's Dani Charlton ( and Shell Zenner (, I've noticed that Amazing Radio offers quality music that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise and the radio show hosts offer quality commentary on all the songs before they are played. It really is a genuine radio experience. 

Another cool thing about Amazing Radio though, is that artists get 100% of the digital sales in addition to paying artist royalties. Yeah. Unlike Itunes, that takes a piece of your sales before passing it along to CD Baby or another publisher who also takes a cut, Amazing Radio, and it's sister site, Amazing Tunes, gives artists 100% of the profit in addition to paying artist royalties for radio spins. Amazing Radio believes that artists should ethically earn  100% of each sale, and they can do this because they are backed by a group of high net worth investors based in Northern England.

And with Amazing Radio's sister site, Amazing Tunes, you can favorite your favorite tracks that you hear on the radio shows, create playlists, stream and download songs you like, and leave comments for the artists. Overall, Amazing Radio and Amazing Tunes are super cool and I would highly recommend checking them out:

Here are the links: