The State of the Record, my plans for summer, and touring

I thought it would be fitting to give an update on what is happening with my Psychic Translation record that I’ve been working on this year and give you my plans for summer.

I am still in the process of recording the record. It’s been a slow process as most of us are graduating seniors this year and in the final stretches of our undergraduate degrees in Music Composition, but it’s getting closer! I have high hopes that the recording will be finished before my recording engineer, Rodrigo Coronel, leaves for his home country of Ecuador. 

The cover art is being completed by the wonderful Kelsey Meeker, and I hope to reveal that within the next month or two. It is looking so great though! Kelsey is one of the most talented graphic designers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and I cannot wait to reveal her work to you all. She will also be designing the CD/vinyl cases so that those will be ready to go when I earn enough money through working this summer to put the record out on CD and Vinyl. If anyone would like to support that endeavor, please come see me live and throw however many dollars you want into that tip jar. Anything helps, but in all reality, I just love seeing people at shows! Your attendance and kind words mean more to me than any dollar amount you could throw my way.

If all goes as planned, my debut record will be available in August or September of 2016.

This summer, I plan to move to Boise so that I can be more involved in the local music scene, not only through gigging, but also through going to other local and touring shows in Boise as well! While most of you have seen me play with the current trio that is myself, Ashton Jenicek on Bass and Gavin Peterson on drums, please do not become alarmed! This summer, I will be playing more solo and duo shows, or shows with other instrumentation, but fear not, the trio will resume in the fall when Ashton returns from the very cool fire-fighting job he accepted!


In related news, I have started booking a Northwest Tour for August that will include Boise, Portland, Bremerton, Seattle, Bellingham and Vancouver, BC as well! I will be touring with St. Terrible. Check out his music here:

As always, thank you so much for supporting the musical journey I am on. I cannot thank you all enough for your support!