compositions by ana Lete

This page features video and audio of compositions by Ana Lete. For scores, please contact Ana via the contact page or email

Seasons of MccalL suite

Premiered on April 10th, 2016 at Ana Lete's senior honors recital. Each movement was inspired by the corresponding photo.


This set of compositions is inspired by two very real people in Portland, OR when Lete visited Portland for the first time last year.

Stone star: The REvolutions are coming

For piano and guitar, this piece seeks to portray Stone Star's paranoia.

My Name Means Space! A Journey of a homeless space cadet in Portland

For Flute and electric guitar, this piece was inspired by a homeless man in Portland who introduced himself by saying, "My name means space!" He had a bicycle with him. The middle section of this piece seeks to represent his journey, either to space, or through Portland on his bicycle.

Red Balloon movie clip composition


For bass vocalist & Vibraphone, Dreams is a 12 tone composition based on the poem Dreams by Langston Hughes. Performed by Dawson Bonde (Bass) and David Gluck (Vibraphone).