guitar lessons with Ana lete

One of my guitar students drew on my business card. Isn't she adorable?

About Private Guitar Lessons

Private lessons are a half-hour or hour every week. (For kids 14 and under, I recommend 1/2 hour lessons, for those 15 and up, hour lessons are recommended). In private lessons, I go through:

  • Guitar Technique
    • So many students reach a dead end because they don't know how to approach the guitar. Starting out on the right foot by learning proper sitting and hand position takes the struggle out of playing and builds good technique that will last a lifetime. If you've tried to play before but became discouraged by the struggle, my lessons can help!
  • Note Reading
    • Reading music allows you to communicate with other musicians and is the basis for understanding rhythm, melody, chords, and music theory.  In lessons, I coach you through reading music and discovering the first position notes on all six strings.
  • Chord Playing
    • Chords make up a large part of guitar playing. During lessons, I'll show you proper fingerings for popular chords and show you how to recall them quickly. Beginning students will save a lot of time by learning the right way to learn chords, while advanced players will increase their chord options up and down the neck.
  • Music Theory
    • Music theory explains why music works the way it does. If you've ever wondered what makes up a chord or which notes to play over which chord, music theory can help you answer those questions and many others!

Other possible areas of exploration (once basics are mastered (or in conjunction with basics) include:

  • Jazz improvisation & soloing
  • Music Theory
  • Songwriting
  • Singing and playing guitar simultaneously
  • Learning your favorite songs
  • And more!

about me:

In addition to a Music Theory & Composition degree from The College of Idaho, I have several years of guitar teaching experience and perform original and jazz music in and around Boise regularly. As a guitar instructor, I'm extremely patient and tailor each lesson to you or your child to help you build a proper foundation and reach your personal goals.


I teach in downtown Boise at Old Boise Music Studios (511 W. Main, next to Pengilly's)


If you are interested in rates, or would like to schedule lessons, please call/text Ana at 208-965-7804 or use the email form below. If interested, I also offer one-off lessons and group lessons (maximum of two students) for a slightly higher rate.

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