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Are you a beginning student looking for the best way to get faster results?

My guitar lessons can help! I offer half-hour or hourly lessons every week. During our guitar lessons, you'll learn:

  • Guitar Technique

    • Starting out on the right foot by learning proper sitting and hand positioning takes the struggle out of playing guitar and builds a solid foundation that will last you a lifetime. If you've tried to play before but became discouraged by the struggle, I can help!

  • Note Reading

    • Reading music allows you to communicate with other musicians and is the basis for understanding rhythm, melody, chords, and music theory. In lessons, I coach you through reading the notes on all six strings and show you how to read notes up the guitar neck too.

  • Chord Playing

    • Chords make up a large part of guitar playing. During lessons, I'll show you proper fingerings for popular chords and how to recall and set them down quickly. Beginning students will save a lot of time by learning chords the right way, while advanced players will increase their chord vocabulary up and down the neck.

  • Music Theory

    • Music theory explains why music works the way it does, and frankly, it's really cool! If you've ever wondered how a chord is made or which notes to play over a certain chord, music theory can help you answer those questions and many others! Learning music theory can also help you create your own chord progressions and write your own songs!

Other possible areas of exploration (in conjunction with basics) include:

  • Learning your favorite songs

  • Singing and playing guitar at the same time

  • songwriting

  • Jazz guitar, improvisation, & soloing

  • Classical Guitar Technique & Repertoire

  • Music Theory

  • And more!


" Ana is competent, thoughtful, and effective."

- Steve A.

“Very knowledgeable and responsive”

-Pat B.

“Very accommodating and professional. My wife really enjoyed her guitar lessons.”

- Chris O.

" Ana was very responsive and proactive in calling me to arrange lessons. Her location is perfect for me, and her resume and background are very appealing. Lessons start in a couple of weeks!"

- Meredith B.

" Taking lessons with Ana was my first guitar lesson experience. She creates a very supportive and relaxed atmosphere which was helpful for me to find focus. She plays beautifully and I personally found her classical training to be of benefit. I was delightfully surprised that after only a few lessons and no previous training, I was able to read and play the lessons in short order. Ana helped me to build my confidence and she was very flexible when it came to lesson schedules. I had to put lessons on hold, but I can't wait to sit down again with Ana. This girl has a passion for music and it comes through with each lesson. Thanks Ana!"

- Erin D.

"Her lessons are very good. I learned a lot about guitar and had a lot of fun. I really liked guitar lessons."

-Emily V.

about Ana:

In addition to a Music Theory & Composition degree from the College of Idaho, I have several years of private guitar teaching and playing experience (I've been playing guitar for over 10 years). As a teacher, I'm extremely patient, have taught all-ages from 4 years old to 70 years old, and know how to get you to your personal musical goals! In addition to teaching, I write songs, record, and perform original music in Boise! 


I teach in downtown Boise at Old Boise Music Studios (511 W. Main St. Boise, ID 83702, next to Pengilly's)


If you are interested in rates, or would like to schedule lessons, please call/text Ana at 208-965-7804 or use the email form below.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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