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Q.Our sincerest condolences on the passing of your instructor and mentor, Christi Green. How do you think her influence contributed to your artistry?
A. Thank you! During the few years that I took lessons with Christi, she taught me the importance of right hand technique when playing guitar and had me go through Giuliani’s 120 right hand studies to a metronome. Learning from her has definitely made creating my own right hand guitar patterns and playing with a live band much easier than if I hadn’t had that training.

Q. What inspires your music?
A. Much of my music is autobiographical and inspired by my feelings and life experiences. In some cases, that translates very literally through the lyrics when I am writing about relationships, and other times, the songs are trying to capture a moment in time during my life. My single, “Aspens”, was one of those moment-in-time songs. The lyrics were inspired by a memory I have of being in McCall, ID one summer during high school. I remember floating on my back in a pool and staring up at the Aspens swaying and fluttering in the breeze, and for some reason, that imagery stayed with me and inspired the song.

Q. You have an EP, Psychic Translation, set for release this Fall, why that title and what can listeners expect to hear?
A. I picked the title, Psychic Translation, because it’s a title of one of the songs on the EP and when I chose that title, I thought there would be a lot of cool cover art possibilities for the EP with that title. Musically, there are a lot of vocal harmonies on the EP recordings that I don’t perform live that I think people will enjoy.

Q. Based on your relationship with other musicians were you able to incorporate live instruments in your studio sessions? What was your recording process like?
A. Myself and my friends (Rodrigo Coronel, Ashton Jenicek, and Gavin Peterson) recorded this EP over the course of my senior year at the College of Idaho and were able to use the college’s recording studio over the course of that year. When we recorded “Aspens” last October, we didn’t have Gavin drumming yet, so Ashton created a drum beat to my guitar part and then we recorded his bass lines and my vocals all separately. For the rest of the songs on the EP, we recorded guitar, bass, and drums all together and then recorded vocals and any extra synth or solo parts over the top of that. I feel super lucky to have such talented friends at the College of Idaho who were so willing to spend time in the studio on top of busy school and work schedules. I can’t thank them enough!

Q. If you could work with any artist, dead or alive, who would you want to work with and why?
A. Hands down, Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards. I respect her immensely as an artist because she isn’t afraid to experiment and writes her songs however she wants to without putting herself in a box. I saw her live a few years ago and love how unapologetic she sings each note and how much energy her music has.  

Q. What advice would you give young emerging artists?
A. Honestly, this is an odd question for me to answer because I still feel like an emerging artist myself and am used to asking that question more than answering it, but I will do my best. Ha ha On the songwriting front, I would say, write songs for you. Don’t write songs based on what you think other people want to hear or to fit a certain style that you may have written before. When you write for you, you are not only able to express your deepest truths, but it is also easier to record and perform genuinely. Also, play live as much as you can and don’t be afraid to experiment or improvise live. I love changing up how I sing my vocals from time to time because it keeps it interesting for both myself and everyone listening. And personally, I love going to shows where the musicians are having fun and don’t feel pressured to only translate what is on the recording. At the end of the day, I feel like as long as you are being genuine and the energy is there, someone out there listening will appreciate what you are doing.

"I stopped by cool Linen Building to hear a series of artists starting with Ana Lete, retro folk artist from Idaho. She played a long set and I don’t think she took a breath from the start to the finish. She was actually a three piece that kind of lulled you with cool off centered vocals and beats throughout her set." -Music Nut on the Loose Blog, review of Treefort Live Performance on 3/25/2016

Idaho Press Tribune

Treefort: Festival of music, will host more than 400 bands

By Olivia Weitz

Amazing Radio- UK

the revue

The Matinee January 26th Edition

by Ben Yung

"Her music is unexpected – experimental folk that is soaked in the provocative iciness of Iceland. There is a bit of Björk but it shares striking similarities to Washington state artist Briana Marela. From her debut album, Psychic Translation, her single “Aspens” is surprisingly stunning and intimate, something you would expect to hear from a veteran artist. Watch out for this band." - Ben Yung

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Piggledy Pop (in French, translation coming soon)

Ana Lete

Jan 19th, 2016

"Avec Kerosene, AspensStay, The Universe et Psychic Translation, Ana accompagnée de son complice Ashton Jenicek à la basse, rejoints en novembre 2015 par le batteur Gavin Peterson, dévoile une âme soul, jazzy, présente dans ses mélodies comme dans sa voix qui me subjugue. Comme Joni Mitchell, Feist et Agnes Obel, la jeune femme compose, joue et se jette dans la fosse aux lions sans cligner d'un cil, passionnée par les concerts et désireuse de partager son univers. L'ambiance qui émane de ses titres est pleine de solennel, d'émotions, de musicalité scotchants pour sa jeune expérience de l'écriture et de la scène. La fosse aux lions ne l'impressionne guère car en préparation de son album, elle tourne justement comme un fauve impatient et plein de fougue. Avec ses paroles denses, son style jazz et expérimental, elle invite à la méditation et avec sa voix envoûtante, absorbe l'attention. J'ai vraiment hâte d'écouter la suite et découvrir tout ce qu'Ana Lete a à nous conter et à nous offrir." - Marie-Agnes

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The College of Idaho


Jan 4th, 2016

"What’s the difference between having a dream and making it your reality? Well, Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” And that is exactly what College of Idaho senior Ana Lete is doing.

Lete recently released her original song, “Aspens,” on iTunes, Bandcamp, and other music platforms as she pursues a career as a singer-songwriter. But what is it about songwriting that attracts the young musician?"- The College of Idaho 

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