Ana Lete is a private guitar, ukulele, and songwriting instructor & recording musician based in Boise, ID. She graduated from The College of Idaho with a Bachelors degree in Music Theory & Composition and has taught private guitar, ukulele, and songwriting since 2014. Ana enjoys working with students of all ages and loves helping students discover the joys of music while walking them through learning their instrument step-by-step at each and every lesson. Outside of teaching and writing/performing her own music, Ana enjoys going to concerts, listening to vinyl records, reading, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and taking Bella (her weimareiner/bulldog mix) to the dog park. :)


My studio is located in Old Boise Music Studios (511 W. Main st. Boise, ID 83702), which is to the left of Pengilly’s Saloon. 


Monday - Friday between 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. Mountain Time


Book Lessons here: , call/text Ana at 208-965-7804, OR

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"It’s rare to find a guitar instructor as well rounded as Ana. She has industry experience as a recording artist, and is grounded in music theory and classical methods. To say that she contains a wealth of knowledge is an understatement. This is what I was looking for when I searched for an instructor and I was not disappointed. Ana has a way of taking you through the basics while also catering to your style interests. She had me learning basic beginner knowledge of the guitar and how to play while also integrating my preference for fingerstyle technique into my practices. With her lesson planning and guidance, I learned more than I thought possible in such a short period of time. She is also incredibly intuitive when approaching the guitar as an art form, and knows how to take you from notes on a page to something that sounds beautiful. Ana is not the instructor you hire if you just want to learn songs. She will help you to become a musician. Thanks for everything, Ana :) " 

-- Tyler W.

"I’ve been taking lessons with Ana for a few months now and love it. She’s super patient, extremely knowledgeable, and always willing to answer any questions you have. Ana will support and help you work toward your guitar goals while also providing knowledge about music theory (which is something I wanted to learn more about). This is my second time taking lessons with a guitar teacher and it’s a lot more enjoyable this time around and a big reason for that is because of Ana and her teaching."

-- Grace D.

"Ana is a wonderful musician and teacher. She gives expert guidance on proper technique in many guitar styles. She was a recommendation from a friend and has since taught both me and my son (10 years old)."

-- Nic P.

“After almost six months of trying to self-teach using a variety of online resources, I felt like I had reached a plateau. Even worse, I wasn’t really sure how to figure out a direction to go. The opportunity to learn from Ana came up and I decided to give it a try as the next step in my journey. So glad I did. Ana has a great program that set forth a road map for students and got me back in gear on my journey.” 

— Jeff C. 

"I happened across Ana's class at exactly the right time for me! I'd been wanting to learn guitar but was quite overwhelmed by the prospect. Ana's class was the perfect way to begin. It not only gave me the basics needed to get started, but the variety of information provided along with the various avenues to ask questions and get input allowed me to explore my specific interests. She's very knowledgeable and approachable and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her." 

- Jamie W. 

“I kept saying I wanted to learn to play guitar, but never took steps to make it happen beyond a couple of lessons a few years ago. I love music so much, and need more activities that are relaxing. When we spoke on the phone, your program seemed like a perfect fit. The scheduled coaching calls, weekly classes, and practical application were all very positive for my learning style. I fell behind, but was able to pick it back up when it worked for me. Even with a little time away, I feel much further along playing guitar than ever. It [Guitar Success Academy] taught me everything I need to know to be successful, gave me a platform to work with moving forward, [and got me] playing my first ever song on a guitar (any musical instrument, really). The program is set up really well to maximize information and allow you the flexibility to work it into your learning/playing. Having access to past classes via video is very helpful when you need to revisit a topic or just see it again with a fresh perspective. The coaching calls are very helpful for specific questions and tips, and to hear where others are succeeding or struggling…. having the [Facebook] community available is a bonus as well.” 

— Wendy J. 

”Ana. I can't thank you enough for your kind and gentle way of supporting me as a beginner. I can get a little (a LOT) in my own way and frustrated with the early steps of learning a new skill. Your flexible and encouraging approach made it so much easier to keep trying. You are clearly doing what you were put on this earth to do and I'm grateful for you.” 

— Carlyn, OT-Coach. 

"Ana's course (Guitar Success Academy) is a comprehensive overview of fundamental guitar theory, technique, and practice discipline. She uses an effective combination of video lectures and demonstrations, homework, handouts, external resources, video coaching sessions, and social media interaction to keep her students engaged and moving forward. When I started the GSA program, I had been trying to teach myself using online videos, which were helpful, but didn't provide me with the focus, direction, and perspective I needed. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that playing finger-style was within my reach, even as a beginner. I feel that GSA has provided me with a very solid foundation on which to build my skills with practice." 

- David S. 

“I know 100 times more about guitar after taking lessons from Ana!” 

— Skylar M. 

“ She's been so great, accommodating, and so sweet! 10/10 would recommend!” 

— Miyah B. 

“The first time I ever had online guitar Lessons,  I'm so glad I chose Ana. She is kind, patient, and explains thoroughly and clear. I couldn't ask for a better teacher.” 

— Margie R. 

“I really enjoy having Ana as my guitar teacher. She is very accommodating with my busy schedule and values my time. She is always willing to answer the questions I have and is an overall very good guitarist. She is very kind and better that any music teacher I have ever had. I would very much recommend Ana if you are looking for a music teacher that is kind and works around you.” 

—Aubrey G. 

“I had such a wonderful experience taking guitar lessons with Ana. I’m an older adult and know nothing about the guitar, but Ana was super patient and obviously knows how to make beginners comfortable. Her lessons are fun and she not only able to show you how to play the guitar but also teaches you to read basic music. If you are thinking about giving the guitar a try then for sure do it with Ana!” 

— Andy S. 

“Ana is very patient with me. I'm a newbie to guitar. I'm excited to see where our journey leads.” 

— Crystal H. 

“Ana is super patient and quickly tunes into the student’s pace of learning and play.” 

— Frank B. 

”Ana is amazing! [She] takes time with her students and teaches them with passion!” 

- Alicia B. 

“Patient. Sticks with task so you understand. Excellent instructor.” 

— Mark C. 

“I am an older adult student who had a lot of apprehension/anxiety wondering if I could learn to play guitar at the age of 60. But I’m pleased to say that Ana put me at ease right away, explaining the fundamentals clearly and she continues to allow me to take things at a pace that is comfortable for me while steadily progressing me forward, she’s patient, professional, and easy to work with.” 

— Lorrie Z. 

”Ana really does CARE about each student, and customizes her approach to what the student’s guitar goals are! She is very patient and encouraging, as well as being a wonderful source of additional learning resources. Being in Puerto Rico for the time being, I am looking forward to Ana’s online lessons!” 

- Frank S. 

" Ana is competent, thoughtful, and effective." 

- Steve A. 

“Ana is a great teacher. I decided a few months ago to take up Ukulele, and she has been patient, flexible, and explains music to me really well. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take up a new hobby.” 

-Isabela L. 

“Very knowledgeable and responsive” 

-Pat B. 

“Very accommodating and professional. My wife really enjoyed her guitar lessons.” 

- Chris O. 

" Taking lessons with Ana was my first guitar lesson experience. She creates a very supportive and relaxed atmosphere which was helpful for me to find focus. She plays beautifully and I personally found her classical training to be of benefit. I was delightfully surprised that after only a few lessons and no previous training, I was able to read and play the lessons in short order. Ana helped me to build my confidence and she was very flexible when it came to lesson schedules. I had to put lessons on hold, but I can't wait to sit down again with Ana. This girl has a passion for music and it comes through with each lesson. Thanks Ana!" 

- Erin D.