Past Shows

 11/03/22: Sturman's Wine & Cigar Bar - Boise, ID 

8/27/22: The Boise Hive - Boise, ID 

8/24/22: Caffeina - Boise, ID 

8/13/22: Album Release show @ The Olympic with Foamboy (Portland, OR) and Up Is The Down Is The (Boise, ID) 

8/10/22: Caffeina - Boise, ID 

5/25/22: Neurolux with King Hannah (Liverpool) and Trippy Hearts (Boise) - Boise, ID 

4/23/22: The Record Exchange - Boise, ID 

3/25/22: Treefort Music Fest @ The Boise Co-op - Boise, ID 

3/24/22: Treefort Music Fest @ The Sanctuary - Boise, ID 

10/17/21: The Olympic with Will Orchard (Boston, MA) & St. Terrible (Boise) - Boise, ID. 

9/22-9/26: Treefort Music Fest - Lost Grove Brewing - Boise, ID 

9/22-9/26: Treefort Music Fest - The District Coffee House - Boise, ID 

8/01/21: Vista Bar with Cookie Tongue, St. Terrible, & Larkin Grimm - Boise, ID 

1/12/20: Couch Surfer Series, Radio Boise XRBX, Boise, ID 

10/03/19: First Thursday with Maita (Portland), Boise, ID 

8/15/19: Neurolux with Kendra Mckinley (San Francisco), Boise, ID 

5/13/19: High Note Cafe with Forest Beutel (Tacoma, WA), Boise, ID 

5/03/19: SoFar Sounds with Messimer, Nick & Luke, Boise, ID 

3/21/19: Treefort Music Fest 2019 

10/11/18: The Olympic with Esme Patterson (CO) & With Child (Boise), Boise, ID 

9/13/18: Funky Taco with Bryan John Appleby (Seattle) & Tomten (Seattle), Boise, ID 

8/03/18: Twin Beans Coffee Company, Twin Falls, ID 

7/21/18: Funky Taco with Kylland (Bay area), Boise, ID 

7/21/18: Meridian Farmer's Market , Meridian, ID 

7/16/18: The Shredder with Hate Drugs (California) & Ritt Momney (SLC, Utah) 

6/30/18: Cascadia Brewing Company & Homebrew with Irene Bowen, Anomie, & Fuzzy Math, Olympia, WA 

6/16/18: Boise Hive with Lost Acorns & D'funked, Boise, ID 

6/02/18: Neurolux with Temple Canyon (Seattle), Boise, ID 

6/01/18: The Olympic with Marion Walker, Boise, ID 

5/28/18: High Note Cafe with Forest Beutel (Tacoma, WA) , Boise, ID 

5/06/18: Tom Grainey's with The Cabin Project & Abagail, Boise, ID 

5/04/18: The Olympic Venue with The Moondoggies (Everett, WA), Boise, ID 

4/28/18: Armando's Gallery House, Redding, CA 

4/26/18: Bar Fluxus, San Francisco, CA 

4/25/18: Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA 

4/24/18: Rise Coffeehouse, Medford, OR 

4/23/18: KAOS, Olympia, WA 

4/22/18: The Waypost, Portland, OR 

4/21/18: Mabel Valley, Seattle, WA 

4/20/18: The Cinderbox, Seattle, WA 

4/19/18: The New Frontier Lounge, Tacoma, WA 

4/18/18: Central Saloon, Seattle, WA 

4/17/18: Hi-Fidelity Lounge, Bremerton, WA 

4/16/18: The Charleston, Bremerton, WA 

4/15/18: Nicoletta's Table, Lake Oswego, OR 

4/14/18: Knockout Taco, Portland, OR 

4/13/18: The Brickhouse with Astrotan, Vancouver, WA 

3/30/18: High Note Cafe, Boise, ID 

3/21/18-3/25/18: Treefort Music Fest, Boise, ID 

2/17/18: Garden City Projects with Arlo Indigo (portland, OR), Boise, ID 

2/03/18: The Olympic, Boise, ID 

1/20/18: Garden City Projects with Johnny Boy and No Magic, Boise, ID 

1/20/18: Boise Hive Hootenanny, Boise, ID 

1/16/18: Acoustic House Show at Rob Lanterman's House, Boise, ID 

12/15-12/17: Smash Fest House Fest, Seattle, WA 

12/02/17: The High Note Cafe with Luke Messimer, Boise, ID 

11/03/17: The District with Jacob Metcalf, Boise, ID 

11/02/17: Tom Petty Tribute Show, the Record Exchange, Boise, ID 

10/28/17: The Boise Hive, Boise, ID 

10/19/17: The Shredder with Hungry Skinny, Groggy Bikini, Mantooth, and more! Boise, ID 

10/14/17: The Cauldron, Seattle, WA 

10/13/17: June Magnolia Vinyl Release Show with Jazz Boyfriends at The Waypost, Portland, OR 

10/07/17: The Olympic with Lemolo (Seattle, WA) and The Slow (Nampa, ID) Boise, ID 

9/29/17: High Note Cafe w/ Christina LaRocca, Bluzer, and MEDIC, Boise, ID 

9/19/17: House Show at ByrdHouse with Dwight Smith, Tispur, and Queen Boychild, Boise, ID 

9/16/17: Feastival 2017 with LCD Sound System, Acid Genie, Pixie & the Partygrass Boys, and more! @ Idaho Basecamp 

9/8/17: Crescent Brewery, Nampa, ID 

9/7/17: The Olympic w/ WILSEN (NYC), Boise, ID 

8/26/17: Ming Studios w/ Thomas Paul, Boise, ID 

7/22/17: Trillium Cafe w/ Lee and the Bees, Hood River, OR 

7/21/17: House Show with Lee and the Bees and Friends, Portland, OR 

7/20/17: Bailey's Corner Store w/ Lee and the Bees, Whidbey Island 

7/19/17: Hi-Fi Lounge w/ Lee and the Bees and Lala Rae, Bremerton, WA 

7/18/17: Chris' house w/ Lee and the Bees, Drea Marilyn, and more, Seattle, WA 

7/17/17: The Matador House w/ Lee and the Bees and Everlynx, Vancouver, BC 

7/16/17: Kulshan Brewing with the Sky Colony, Bellingham, WA 

7/15/17: Candy Mountain House show with High Pulp, Chanel Beads, and Qry, Seattle, WA 

7/14/17: Ana Lete @ Substation with Alina Ashley Nicole, Seattle, WA 

7/13/17: Under the Fig Trees Backyard show, Portland, OR 

7/12/17: Ana Lete @ Analog Cafe with Jeff Hayes, Titans of Industry, and Phantom Kids Portland, OR 

7/08/17: Ana Lete All-ages Tour Kickoff House Show @ The Neighborhood Noise with Will DeNoble, Boise, ID 

7/07/17: Ana Lete Tour Kickoff Show @ The Olympic with Teenage Candy and Hollow Sidewalks (Portland), Boise, ID 

6/16/17: Crescent Brewery, Nampa, ID 

6/03/17: Twin Beans, Twin Falls, ID with Emilee Gomske 

5/27/17: Boise Hive, Boise, ID 

5/26/17: The Olympic with The Ambulanters (NE), Dweller at the Well, and Tag Along Friend, Boise, ID 

5/22/17: The Neighborhood Noise House with Lindzey Autumn, Irie, Freudian Slip, & The Corner Girls (CO), Boise, ID 

5/20/17: Even Stevens, Boise, ID 

4/28/17: The College of Idaho (w/ David Losinski and Irvin Brown), Caldwell, ID 

4/18/17: The Shredder (with Marquina, Extended Skin Contact, and Teton) Boise, ID 

4/16/17: Android House, Caldwell, ID 

4/08/17: Turn Turn Turn (with Lorain, Denim Wedding, and Finger Painting), Portland, OR 

4/07/17: Nairport House, Seatac, WA 

3/24/2017: Treefort Music Fest, Boise, ID 

1/30/2017: The High Note Cafe (with Luci Kolada), Boise, ID 

1/14/2017: The Olympic (with Teenage Candy, Dweller at the Well, and The Cardboard Swords), Boise, ID 

11/26/2016: Small Business Saturday @ the Record Exchange, Boise, ID 

11/08/16: Neurolux with Cult Bride and Hypoluxo (NYC), Boise, ID 

10/28/16: Even Steven's Sandwich Shop, Boise, ID 

10/12/16: Flying M (with the Lulls and the Go Rounds) Nampa, ID 

9/24/16: Neurolux (with Emily Jane White and Soma) Boise, ID 

8/16/16: The Matador (with Wallgrin, Sky Brown, and St. Terrible) Vancouver, BC 

8/13/16: Substation (with St. Terrible and Barring the Weather) Seattle, WA 

8/12/16: Heretic House (with St. Terrible) Portland, OR 

8/11/16: The Olympic (with St. Terrible) Boise, ID 

6/24/16: Castle House Show (with Russian Drama, Face, and Miss Emma) Nampa, ID 

6/23/16: The Olympic (with Brass Bed and Nothing But Heros) Boise, ID 

6/16/16: Leaf Teahouse (solo show), Boise, ID 

6/04/2016: The Bird Stop (solo show), Caldwell, ID 

5/14/2016: Bird Stop Reopening Block Party (with Russian Drama, Overcast, Atlas Novus, Dweller at the Well, and Marshall Poole), Caldwell, ID 

5/13/2016: The Final Breakdown at The College of Idaho, Caldwell, ID 

04/27/2016: Music Major House Caldwell, ID 

3/23/16-3/2816: Treefort Music Fest, Boise, ID 

03/08/2016: Neurolux, (with Well Milked Oranges & Evergreen Machine), Boise, ID 

01/02/2016: Music Major House, (Idaho Green, HiHazel, Corey G., Ana Lete) Caldwell, ID 

12/08/2015: The Neurolux (with Grand Lake Islands and Matthew Hartz) Boise, ID 

10/27/2015: Music Major House (with Braeyden Jae. & Nathaniel Kennon Perkins) Caldwell, ID 

9/12/2015: Artistblue Gallery, Nampa, ID. 

8/22/2015: The Bird Stop. Caldwell, ID. 

8/01/2015: Flying M Coffee Garage (with Mandarin Dynasty & Hoop) Nampa, ID 

7/19/2015: Music Major House, Caldwell, ID.